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São Paulo - Brazil

Live a life from which you don’t need a vacation!

SAFRI promotes peak performance and a fulfilled lifestyle, using the concepts and techniques of the DeROSE Method.

Evolution, energy strength ... who is it for

About the Method

strength + flexibility

Physical positions that promote strength, flexibility and balance, and heighten body awareness

Body awareness

Heightened proprioception, the ability to sense yourself in space

Respiratory exercises

to encourage diaphragmatic breathing, increase lung capacity and improve circulation

Concentration + meditation

Concentration and meditation techniques to enhance mental dynamism


Go beyond your limitations, and unravel your real potential

stress management

Transform stress in vitality and use it to achieve your goals

The DeRose Method combines high performance techniques and concepts that develop better overall performance; resulting in increased strength, power, flexibility, balance, movement coordination, concentration and relaxation; as well as improved breathing, stress management and nutrition. The method’s aim is to increase consciousness and self-awareness.




Concentration & Meditation

Strength & Flexibility

Stress Management



Enhanced Quality of Life


Self Knowledge

Personal fulfilment

Good Nourishment

Interpersonal skills


Amanda Deitsch


Serendipity led me to the DeRose Method in 2009 and I was mesmerized  by the power of the practice.  I took a single class, had no idea what was going on, but I knew that I liked it!  And now, eight years later, here in beautiful Savannah, I want to share my passion for the DeRose Method  with you.

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"Practising this Method made me discover my physycal potential and dramatically increased my energy levels"





Student in DeRose Method - UK




“This Method has allowed me to manage myself, my body and my emotions, as well as the pressure from the team and sponsors.”


Roy Geerts


Student in DeRose Method TriBeca - NY




“Being an athlete is to overcome yourself all the time, to know your limits and go beyond them. Become the better version of yourself."




Jeff Campacci


Student in DeRose Method Cambuí, Brazil



“This Method is the foundation of my training, it offers me strength, flexibility, concentration, and many other aspects that tie in to my athletic performance."


James Sterling

big wave world champion

Student in DeRose Method Hawai, USA



“The Method helps me improve as a person, it elevates my concentration and lucidity, which for me and my work is fundamental."



Cinzia Mascoli

actress and writer

Student in DeRose Method Parioli- Italy



This Method techniques gave me a physical endurance in those hours of great demand. The concepts made my team more efficient, happier and better appreciated."


João Costa


Student in DeRose Method Chiado - Portugal





The Introductory class prepares the student for the intermediate and advanced practices.

Body awareness, breathing re-education, muscle strengthening and flexibility are the main objectives focus of this stage.



This class is the principle characteristic of our method, ashtanga sadhana (ashta=eight, anga=part, sadhana= practice; practice in eight parts). It enhances the biological structure, through breathing exercises, organic techniques that improve muscle tone and flexibility, promoting greater emotional control and better mental focus.

Online Instruction


When traveling, students can continue to practise regularly via skype with their instructor.


If you are not local and want to practise this might be the way for you.

Private Classes


An alternative for the practitioner who wants more privacy.  It is the ideal method for entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, celebrities, as well as for people who travel a lot.

The bespoke practice favours the method's techniques customized to meet the practitioner’s goals.

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