high performance

for artists

Experience enhanced intuition, sensibility, concentration and body-awareness.

The day does not need more time:

you need more focus!

Prof. Edgardo Caramella



Whatever your medium as an artist,  you will notice a strong boost to your creative process when regularly practicing the DeRose  Method.

The techniques of the DeRose Method work from the inside out. Our practitioners include dancers, actors, writers and artists.

i am still learning


Michael Angelo, age 87

your body, your canvas

creativity is intelligence having fun - Einstein

• stress management

• overcome creative blocks

• find your originality

• develop your best human relationships

Our Ancient Techniques will trigger

• Insight

• inspiration

• intuition

• creativity

• imagination

• self-knowledge



stress management


stress management


This is the absorption technique, which starts out as a thorough relaxation of all areas of the body and all levels (physical, emotional, mental), will allow you to bring an accord between your present actions, projects, intentions, and your deepest aspirations. As an initial effect this



concentration, meditation



concentration, meditation


The cleansing techniques will compress the main plexuses and glands, promoting an endocrine regulation that attunes the release of hormones according to the level of exertio




breathing exercises




breathing exercises


The breathing techniques will increase the capacity of your lungs, by re-learning how to use the 3 main parts of the lungs and the 4 phases of breathing.




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