high performance

in business

In the business world people are under constant pressure. The DeROSE METHOD provides the tools that will enable you to manage this to your advantage

The day does not need more time:

you need more focus!

Prof. Edgardo Caramella



Frequency: Weekly sessions of 1 hour or daily sessions of 15 minutes.

Duration: Initial module is 3 months.

Participants: single or small group sessions.

Location: Face to face or remote through live/recorded video at any location that meets the client’s needs.

Practical courses and workshops:

• Increased energy

• Heightened concentration

• Development of intuition

• Greater strength

• Improved flexibility

• Developed lucidity


Theoretical sessions:

• peak and flow productivity performance,

• stress and conflict management,

• wellness, etc.



A weekly practice is recommended one or more times per week to develop your physical, emotional and mental capabilities.  This will boost energy, increase productivity and diminish stress.  Regular consulting sessions will determine specific goals and encourage integration of the practical techniques into daily life, in and out of the workplace.  Your specialist is at your disposal to guide you and answer all your questions.


Clients will also receive a weekly newsletter from our expert consultants covering subjects such as leadership, productivity, inter-personal skills, quality of life, well-being, stress-management and concentration.

expected results

After a few months of regular sessions:

Within the first months:

Better professional and personal efficiency

Development of lucidity

More creativity

Improved conflict resolution

Better team management

Overall improvement in quality of life

Improvement of stress management

Improvement of the respiratory system

Improvement of musculoskeletal system mobility, flexibility and strength

Improvement of concentration

Improved emotional stability

Increased energy

Paris • New York • Roma • Barcelona • London • Buenos Aires • Lisboa • Porto • Rio • São Paulo

companies all over the world

that use the derose method

We offer a training program, especially aimed at executives and company employees.   Large companies like Exxon Mobil, Nestlé, Coca Cola and Volkswagen with long ties to the DeROSE METHOD, attest to the efficacy of our Well Being and Productivity programs.  Workshops, courses and regular classes in your company can help your company realize similar results.  Get in touch and discover how we can help your company grow.



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