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We offer classes, courses and a multiplicity of activities that you accelerate your progression, according to your interests.

power, strength and energy

The DeRose Method has 3 main types of practice: the introductory practice, the intermediate and complete. You can join in any way that is best for you: online and private tuition.

in sports

in business

Practical sessions: increased vitality and breathing capacity, improved concentration, development of intuition, overall body strength, resistance and flexibility training, etc. Theoretical sessions: peak and flow productivity performance, stress and conflict management, wellness, food, etc.

Winning is a extraordinary sensation, but to surpass our own selves and to become better everyday, that is what motivates us.

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in the arts

for students

To achieve a high performance in studies, and still manage to keep a good quality of life, in an environment of great pressure and demand, like the academic, is a challenge we embrace with our students.

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The techniques of the DeRose Method work from the inside to the outside. Amongst our practitioners are dancers, actors, writers and fine artists.

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