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Winning is an extraordinary sensation, but surpassing and improving ourselves every day is what really motivates us.

supporting champions since 1960

We have experience improving the performance of professional athletes. Sport at a professional level has never been more competitive. Elite athletes follow training programmes that have little to differentiate between them. Champions need introduce subtle training methods to achieve an edge over their competitors.

DeRose Method for Athletes

It helps during postoperative recovery on the athletes

Reduces the occurrence of cramps and lesions

Improves cardio-respiratory fitness and increases strength and lung capacity

Increases  overall body elasticity and flexibility, while improving fluidity of movement

Amplifies concentration

Great body awareness

the sessions

the techniques

Breathing exercises expand lung capacity and heighten an athlete's awareness of their body. It teaches them how to manage emotion and rewards them with more energy.


Our physical techniques shape the body according to the demands of each sport, enabling an athlete to sustain more intense training and faster recovery.

We have a comprehensive collection of techniques and philosophical concepts that promote improved performance in sport and beyond. The result is a following of professional athletes and practitioners of the DeROSE METHOD worldwide.

Manage Stress


Our meditation techniques improve focus and concentration


Through our relaxation techniques athletes learn to manage stress and the anxiety of increased pressure through honing voluntary muscular and nerve release.


Furthermore, this technique creates a perfect receptiveness to develop the mental moulds of your goals and objectives.


“This Method has allowed me to manage myself, my body and my emotions, as well as the pressure from the team and sponsors.”

Roy Geerts


"DeROSE Method is the foundation of my training, it offers me strength, flexibility, concentration, and many other aspects that do tie into my athletic performance.”



“Being an athlete is to overcome yourself all the time, to know your limits and go beyond them. Become the better version of yourself.”

Jeff Campacci


After 5 months of training in the DeROSE Method, I was able to improve my average paddle speed by 10%. I obtained this thanks to the development of concentration, breathing and emotional management.

Luiz Guida

Sup racer

"I have no doubt that the DeROSE Method will help me in my goal of being world champion."

thais rocha

Olympic Fencing Athlete

your sport, your body

As an athlete what would you do to achieve more energy, improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury through a practice that is pleasurable and effective. Our team of instructors are passionate about sport and understand the needs of high performing athletes. We have the expertise to unleash your maximum potential.



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